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Section SOCIAL Adult SOCIAL Junior SOCIAL Senior SOCIAL Child Adult Junior 13-17 Senior 65 + Child 2-12
     Rendez-vous VIP - Premium $229.08 US $203.58 US $229.08 US $182.33 US $269.50 US $239.50 US $269.50 US $214.50 US
     Rendez-vous VIP $212.08 US $190.83 US $212.08 US $169.58 US $249.50 US $224.50 US $249.50 US $199.50 US
     Gold $122.83 US $110.08 US $122.83 US $97.33 US $144.50 US $129.50 US $144.50 US $114.50 US
     Blue Rate n/a Rate n/a Rate n/a Rate n/a $89.50 US $79.50 US $89.50 US $69.50 US
     Green (Obstructed View) Rate n/a Rate n/a Rate n/a Rate n/a $44.50 US $39.50 US $44.50 US $34.50 US

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No service charges.

Odysseo Rendez-Vous VIP Packages
The best of Odysseo before, during and after the show. Click here to find out more about our VIP experience.


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C) Choose a section below. Our system will select for you the best seats available in that section.
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